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Do you have dental insurance benefits?

If so, it may be a good time to use them.

Most insurance plans expire December 31, 2017 and our schedule is already filling up!


While dental “insurance” features different limitations and benefits depending on the plan, they nearly all share one feature:  Unused benefits expire at the end of the year.  Most plans pay a maximum amount annually, a figure that hasn’t changed much in many years.  When the calendar shows a new year, these dollars are simply lost.

We know dental benefit plans can be confusing, but we’re committed to helping you maximize any dollars that belong to you.  If you’d like to discuss an unfinished treatment plan or continue your preventive care, please give us a call.  This saves a new full benefit for next year, which may prove critical for unforeseen or planned treatment in 2018.

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About Dr. Barry

Prevention, health, and a beautiful smile are the primary concerns of Dr. Barry and her staff at Barry General Dentistry. Dr. Barry enjoys building relationships with her patients and actively involving them in their dental care. She believes in gentle dentistry and a painless experience, and provides laughing gas for those that are fearful of dentistry.