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Osseous Surgery

When gum disease has taken a strong hold and is too advanced for a scale and plane cleaning, osseous surgery – or pocket reduction surgery - may be necessary to bring back health to your mouth.

Osseous surgery’s primary goal is expunge pockets around your teeth and bone that are indicative of gum disease. These bacteria-laden pockets can grow too large to be affectively cleaned by regular brushing and flossing.

In advanced stages of gum disease, you’re not only at risk of bone and tooth loss, but also other bodily ailments and disease. The bacteria that causes gum disease can travel to your heart, brain, lungs, and blood, igniting infection and disease. Thoroughly eliminating the bacteria and the pockets for it to collect in is imperative to get your mouth healthy and reduce your risk of more disease and illness.

Steps of osseous surgery:

  1. Local anesthetic is applied to numb the affected area.
  2. We will cut around your gum to release it from your bone to gain access to your teeth roots and bone.
  3. A thorough cleaning of your exposed roots and bone will performed.
  4. We will reshape and smooth your bone and roots to aid proper healing. Bone grafting may be necessary if significant bone loss has already occurred.
  5. Your gums will be sutured back into place and bandaged
  6. We may prescribe pain medication and antibacterial rinses.