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Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration

Advances in dental technology have delivered a new, less-painful means of treating the ramifications of gum disease. In the past, the traditional means to repair gum pockets and bone loss was to cut away the infected areas and reshape the bone. This is an effective treatment to remove the disease and bacteria, but does nothing for the lost tissue – which is integral to your teeth’s stability.

However, with the latest methods, we can grant you a way to regain lost tissue. During the surgical procedure, the gum will be separated from the bone, and the pockets will be thoroughly cleaned to remove all bacteria and plaque. Then, a membrane will be installed between the gum and bone. The membrane covers the pockets so the bone tissue has sufficient time to regenerate at its own slow pace.

A strict post-operative diet is necessary, and a special oral-care regiment must be followed for the procedure to be successful.